Life Lessons

Don’t miss on the Important

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

It was the weekend and I as usual was just watching some drama on my bed. I was kinda lonely and sad, and the interesting thing is I couldn’t figure out what was that, that was making me feel that way. With all this going in my head, comes a scene where a son meets his mother after a really long time, and that scene made me happy after days. I wondered what was that, that made me feel this way. It was the love and the warmth of a relationship that made me feel happy and loved.

In our life also, that hustle and that hurry of the daily life, makes us miss the important things. I was thinking that I need to grow and learn things, I need to do things fast but I forgot that the basic thing that drives every human being, “Happiness”. We can do things, grow and learn easily, when we are happy.

That day, I promised myself that I will find myself time for my loved ones and friends daily. It’s so important for ones emotional well being, and I realised it when I had none around. These are simple things and seems unimportant and meaningless at times, but you realise it when you don’t have it anymore.

Many a people come and go in our life, even the loved ones are separated, but there will always be people around, new friends and new family around. I try to love people around me a bit more, share a bit more and laugh a bit more with them. After all, we are all in the same journey, they are also the same people who have left their homes for the same reasons I have left mine. Whenever I think like this I have a reason to connect with them more and love them more.



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